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4 Focus Areas for Building on Oasis

Web3 won’t build itself.

That’s why the Oasis community is focused on brainstorming, inspiring and supporting developers around the world to build industry-leading dApps and tools on Oasis. Sometimes, choosing one thing to build can be a daunting task due to what psychologists call “choice overload.” 

The purpose of this short article is to highlight a few key areas that engineers at Oasis see as exceptionally important in the near-to-mid-term future of the Web3 industry. Hopefully, by reading over some of these focus areas, aspiring BUIDLERs will be inspired to take the next step. 

Here are four focus areas overviewed in the following sections: 

  • Accounts and Security 
  • Gaming and Collectibles
  • Onboarding and Social
  • Decentralized Finance Improvements 

Keep reading for a full explanation of each category! 

Accounts and Security 

Following the publication of ERC 4337, crypto developers are buzzing with ideas on the potential of account abstraction. In short, account abstraction is the first practical approach suggested by the Web3 developer community for giving smart contracts the same functionality as Externally Owned Accounts (EOAs). But, unlike Ethereum-based abstraction, Oasis provides a simpler solution for this early trend toward utilizing diverse authentication methods beyond traditional paradigms. 

Read more about streamlining the future of account abstraction with Oasis on our blog. 

Password management is another exciting frontier in Web3. The prospective emergence of blockchain-centric password managers is poised to inspire a new generation of crypto-native security products. Oasis Sapphire plays a key role in the infrastructure for these tools with Its potential for securely storing passwords on-chain and proving identity across various platforms. 

Web3 developers at the early stages of their projects should also consider the security of Oasis contract execution environments and build around this safer alternative to other platforms. With the Ethereum ecosystem riddled with contract security concerns, there’s a pronounced emphasis among crypto engineers to ensure the security of smart contracts. 

Gaming and Collectibles

Gaming will play an increasingly important role in the growth and adoption of Web3. Oasis Sapphire and the Oasis Privacy Layer (OPL) play an important role in serving the confidentiality needs of gamers and developers in this sector of the industry. Integrating essential features like player privacy, token interaction and fast transaction finality can all be facilitated by building on Oasis or integrating OPL into a game running on another EVM network. 

Combining the best features of Web2 gaming and Web3 experiences can usher in a new era of gaming on the blockchain with mass market appeal. For example, integrating novel features that reward gamers with actual cryptocurrency via loot boxes requires the secure, private, and efficient infrastructure that Oasis provides. 

Customizable confidentiality is essential for the diverse and growing landscape of all collectibles — in-game or otherwise. Embedding robust privacy into a collection unlocks the potential for NFTs to contain hidden or private data that’s protected from snooping third parties. Enabling this sophistication with Oasis Sapphire can reshape the landscape of asset ownership in Web3. 

Read more about the power of confidentiality on Sapphire and the Oasis Privacy Layer on our blog. 

Onboarding and Social

Applications built by the Oasis community can be a powerful gateway for new users to transition from the world of Web2 to the innovative landscape of Web3. Oasis Sapphire specifically can facilitate a smoother, more intuitive transition to Web3 with elevated security and stronger user privacy while still offering a familiar experience to Web2 apps using tools like account abstraction (see above). Developers building new dApps in Web3 could lean into the Oasis ecosystem for a superior user experience for natives and novices alike. 

Social applications are as important to the future of Web3 as they are in Web2, so building better, safer and more secure decentralized social media — sometimes called “SocialFi” — is essential. But, Web2 social media is infamous for data leaks and user privacy negligence. Web3 must do better, and Oasis Sapphire serves as an ideal foundation. From seamless privacy-centric developer features to seamless interoperability across multiple blockchain networks, Sapphire is the ideal solution for crypto social platforms. 

Decentralized Finance Improvements 

The Oasis Network offers an environment for experimenting with new and important improvements for the future of decentralized finance (DeFi), specifically with new business integrations and standardized solutions. 

Integrating traditional business models into the world of DeFi (i.e., gaming, collectibles, trading) requires innovative thinking. But the tooling used to build these ideas should be simple, which is where Oasis helps. Blending old ideas with the new can be a powerful tool for onboarding new users, all while addressing privacy concerns that continue to plague Web2. The robust and customizable confidentiality of Oasis Sapphire mitigates these concerns in Web3. 

Standardization in DeFi is another key area worth exploring. Engineers can use Oasis as their platform of choice for introducing standardized DeFi solutions and frameworks while working with promising technologies like rollups, account abstraction and more. Smart privacy starts here

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